Italy is one of the major countries in the world for tourism destination. Cities such as Venice, Rome, Naples, Florence, Milan are mainly attractive and the hotel industry offers high business opportunities.

5 or 4 stars hotel that in portfolio, thanks to their structural and profitable characteristics are able to produce high earnings both in case of purchase of the building or leases the hotel business.

Greece, with its history and its many islands is a country with a strong tourist and cultural tourism attraction.

Investing today in this country in the tourism sector offers opportunities with high profit.

In our portfolio we have prestigious opportunities located in Athens and main Greek islands

United States of America is a country that offers multiple real estate business opportunities.

Thanks to our international network we have in portfolio the possibility to invest in luxury hotel facilities of considerable economic interest.

New York is the city where our opportunities are present



Canada is the nation with a high quality of life and offers real estate investment opportunities in the luxury hotel sector.

Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls are the cities in which we have excellent real estate deals to acquire, most hotels 5 and 4stars.